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Spotlight on: Brittany Franks, HOPE Women’s Services

Brittany Franks

Brittany Franks, clinic manager at Sav-A-Life in Anniston. 

Brittany Franks is the clinic manager at HOPE Women’s Services, a part of Sav-A-Life Inc. “HOPE Women’s Services is in our community to help women with material needs, prenatal classes and to have someone encourage them in their pregnancy,” Franks said. She and her husband, Jonathan, are expecting their first child in November. Her pregnancy has given her a new perspective on the needs of the people who come to the clinic. 

What is HOPE Women’s Services? HOPE Women’s Services is a facet of the Sav-A-Life Inc. ministry, which has been in our community since 1983. We have centers in both Anniston and Jacksonville. Sav-A-Life is a faith-based (non-denominational), life-affirming ministry that offers hope and help to families in our community. We are proud to be partnered with over 60 church families in our area from various denominations. Sav-A-Life is affiliated with several pro-abundant-life international affiliates and is also a member of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.