In Your Community ... UDC had special program led by Alice Duckett

Pictured left to right, Pat Killian and Alice Duckett.

The Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne Chapter, UDC met at Classic on Noble for a bi-monthly meeting Jan.23. The members were treated to an informative program by Alice Duckett on “Protecting and Restoring your Family Heirlooms.” Alice is an accomplished writer of articles for newspapers and writes a monthly column for the Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine. She has three published children’s books and a storytelling CD.

As she spoke, she held up items of interest to emphasize each point. For example, she showed linens, a quilt and crocheted table runners from her great-grandmother restored to white after years of yellowing in an old cedar chest. Her once-white roller skates that were left in a basement for years collecting mildew and dust are now white again. She gave tips on caring for antique silver, china and crystal and with the items, she provided a selection of the products used to preserve or restore them.

Alice demonstrated how to use shadow boxes to display memorabilia and her husband’s and her father’s Cross of Military Service medals and certificates from WWII and the Vietnam War (both presented by this UDC chapter in an award ceremony a few years ago).

Mrs. Duckett shared several photos of her two great-grandfathers in uniform during the War Between the States era, copied from tin types. She encouraged members to collect photos and write down the stories behind them to interest future generations.

At the conclusion of the meeting Mrs. Duckett provided handouts with tips for protecting and restoring family treasures. Some members mentioned her tips encouraged them to seek out their stored family pictures and antique heirlooms.