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A no-homework policy pays off at Fruithurst Elementary

Christy Hiett

Fruithurst Elementary School Principal Christy Hiett under a sign in the hallway of the school proclaiming No More Homework!

Most elementary students in this area will be returning to school tomorrow after a fun and enjoyable fall break. They had an entire week to relax, spend time with family and forget about things like homework. But for one school — Fruithurst Elementary in Cleburne County — forgetting about homework is standard operating procedure.

Three years ago, Christy Hiett, the school’s principal, began to question the importance of homework and the quality of the work being done to complete it, as well as the amount of time it took. For one student, it may take an hour; for another, three hours. She had other questions, as well. Should homework be scored and averaged into a subject grade? Should it be reviewed the next day? Should children be punished if it’s not completed?