Q Card Case by CM4 — $39.99

As I've said in the past, traveling light is pretty much the only way I'll go. Consolidating items whenever possible is critical, so the recent flood of phone case wallets intrigued me enough to give one a shot. CM4's Q Card Case does a pretty good job at reducing the bulk, but doesn't provide quite enough space.

Small pockets housed on the back of the case can comfortably hold up to three cards and some cash in place with next to no worry of slippage.

As a case, CM4's product performs admirably against the standard phone protector. The phone is tightly encased without adding a lot of bulk to your device, and the front edges extend out to prevent damage on face-first drops.

The creators definitely used their noggin when designing this case. A cutout in bottom fits pretty much every accessory I could think to try. Many phone cases these days are notorious for blocking the bigger cables and plugs, so this was a much-welcomed surprise.

Unfortunately, the case is a little too minimalistic for everyday use. The limit of 3-4 cards is a little short for my needs. However, the Q Card Case is easy to recommend for those that only need to carry an ID and a couple of credit cards. The product is well-made and fits easily into cluttered pockets. www.cm4.com.

AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper by Designed by M — $79.99

Never has an iPhone case had a name cooler than the AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper. For the most part, its functionality is right in line with its looks.

This case is absolutely beautiful. The thin, aluminum body hardly covers the phone at all, however, the durable material provides coverage in all the right places.

Installation is easy and painless. Simply slide off the back part of the case, insert the phone and slide it back into place.

The thin body makes holding the product feel natural. It really feels like the phone hasn't even been put in a case.

I did find one slight issue in my testing: Signal strength seems to take a step back when the phone is in this case due to the material surrounding it. The company claims the loss is less than 10 percent, but I'm not so sure. I usually lost a full bar with my phone in the AL13.

This case is by far the most stylish iPhone holder on the market, however, the steep asking price and issue of signal loss might be reason enough to give it a pass. www.thinkbym.com.

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