Sarah Ledford

Sarah Ledford holds gifts sent to her from Italy by her sister-in-law, Lauren Ledford Galbiati.

Last Sunday afternoon, July 16, friends of Becky Ledford gathered at the beautiful Laurel Trace home of Erna Hardy for a baby shower to celebrate the impending birth of Becky’s first grandchild.

The guest of honor for the occasion was Becky’s daughter-in-law, Sarah Ledford, who is expecting a baby girl next month.

Sarah and Becky’s son, Tyler Ledford, are excited about the new addition to their family and have already picked out a lovely name for their daughter: Adeline Grace.

Sarah and Tyler make their home in Atlanta — not so far away that Becky and her husband, Don Ledford, a local investment counselor, can’t drop in from time to time to love, cuddle and spoil their granddaughter.

Becky has chosen “Bebe” as her grandmother name, but concedes she probably won’t be the one who gets to decide that in the end. If given a choice, Don opts for “The Don,” but he, too, will roll with the punches and answer to whatever Adeline Grace chooses to call him.

The shower’s hostesses were Becky’s friends from Anniston First United Methodist Church, where she and Don are active, long-time members.

In addition to Erna, those hostesses included Debbie Clonts, Becky Hollingsworth, Angel Rait, Sandy Reid and Edith Trammel. Former Anniston resident Rhonda Rush, who now lives in Birmingham, also served as a hostess.

While mingling throughout the Hardys’ spacious and elegant home, guests enjoyed an afternoon buffet of tea party sandwiches, petit fours, sausage balls, fresh fruits and a delightful treat consisting of wild hibiscus flowers soaked in raspberry syrup and stuffed with goat cheese. “Those were so good!” Angel said. “You couldn’t eat just one.”

Sarah was delighted by the gifts she opened during the shower. One, in particular, traveled a great distance to be there. It was from Tyler’s sister, Lauren Ledford Galbiati, who resides in Como, Italy, with her husband, Enrico. Lauren sent the parents-to-be an adorable pink dress with matching booties. The booties were dotted with tiny studs that spelled out the Italian words “amore dei nonna,” which translated means, “I love Grandmother.”

Instead of cards accompanying the shower gifts, guests were encouraged to pick out a children’s book and inscribe it instead. In future years, when Sarah and Tyler are reading to Adeline Grace, they will always be able to remember who gifted them with each book.

“It was an awesome idea,” Angel said. “That baby girl now has a full library of books.”

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