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Phillip Tutor: A ‘chosen class’ takes its place among others forged in troubled times

Oxford seniors

Seniors enter the field for one of Oxford High School's graduation ceremonies Thursday: Their eyes have seen a world in flux, if not in turmoil.

There is happiness in Kierstin Woods’ voice, though there are innumerable reasons for her to spew teenage vitriol and harbor a grudge against fate. That she isn’t must be a testament to the positivity of youth. Adults, take heed.

As a senior at Oxford High School, Woods belongs to America’s Class of 2020, a group of nearly 4 million students whose senior years have been imploded by the novel coronavirus. The global pandemic has pummeled everyone’s plans, killed nearly 100,000 in the United States, driven unemployment levels to frightening levels and divided the country on how, and when, or whether, to declare victory over the virus and resume a level of pre-pandemic normalcy.

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