FAIRVIEW, Ky. — Visiting the world’s tallest poured-in-place concrete obelisk is first-grade simple, as long as you can find this pinprick of a place. My advice: If you’re north of Nashville or south of Louisville, set your GPS on anything named “Jefferson Davis” and head in that direction.

If you live in Anniston’s Golden Springs community or near South Quintard, along roads like Greenbrier Dear and Robertson, within spitting distance of Coleman Road, Gadsden State Community College’s Ayers Campus, Hillyer Robinson Parkway or South Noble, be aware. You’re on Oxford’s map.

In his first-ever act as Anniston’s mayor, Jack Draper gazed at a gathering at Zinn Park earlier this month and sounded more like a civic cheerleader than a first-time politician. But he was sincere. Give him that, at least.