Addison Tucker

Anniston resident and actress Addison Tucker recently completed work on the feature film “Summer of  67”.

When Addison “Addie” Tucker turned 10 years old, she was presented with a video featuring friends and family members from all over the country wishing her a happy birthday. The montage ended with the biggest surprise of all — that Addie would soon be heading to New York City, a gift from her grandparents, Jan and Glenn Hurd.

For Addie, a fifth grader at the Donoho School, it was a dream come true. Ever since she was a toddler, she aspired to be a “talents girl” who lived in the Big Apple.

    When Addie’s mom, Jennifer Tucker, asked her daughter what  “talents girl” meant, she learned the definition was someone who could “sing, act and dance.”

    Addie’s parents didn’t take it too seriously, at first, but when she begged for an opportunity to be on stage, they allowed her to perform in school plays.  She went on to land her first role in a community theatre production as Gladys Herdman in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” Later she was given a part in “The Miracle Worker.”  Today she performs with Kimberlite Productions and is a member of CAST Kidz.  

    While visiting the Big Apple, Addie enjoyed seeing all the iconic sites the city has to offer, such as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, but she also had fun biking through Central Park, riding the subway and taking a ferry to Staten Island.  

    Accompanying Addie, her mother and grandmother on the trip was her sister, Emma Kate, her aunt, Toni Christopher, and her cousin, Zoe.

For her last night in New York City, she saw the Broadway play “Wicked,” but the most memorable part of the trip for Addie was meeting Luca Padovan, a young Broadway actor currently starring in “Marvin’s Room.”

    Having the opportunity to visit with a successful actor who is not that much older than she is inspired Addie to return home and follow her dreams.  

She attends workshops, receives on-camera training at the Acting Out Academy in Birmingham and takes voice lessons from Estefania Wilcox.   

She is currently represented by Atlanta Models and Talent Agency in Atlanta.

    Her efforts and hard work paid off recently when she was cast in a movie titled “Summer of ’67.”  For this, her first feature film role, Addie spent two days filming the first three scenes of the movie in which she plays the younger version of one of the main characters.

    The production, which was shot in Tennessee, is a Vietnam War story told from the perspective of the women left behind.  It is scheduled for release in November of 2018.

    When not before the cameras or on stage, Addie enjoys drawing, riding her bike and playing on the trampoline, but her true passion can be found in the performing arts.

    Achieving her acting dreams means hard work and dedication as well as plenty of help from her parents.

“If she is doing what she loves, I’m going to support her,” said Jennifer.  

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