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The Halloween that almost wasn’t


Last week was really busy and, well, I wound up missing out on Halloween.

The kids are off in college, so I didn’t have any costumes to make.

I didn’t put out any mums, or carve any jack-o-lanterns, or put up any spooky decorations.

I didn’t dress up as anything. Instead I was layered in warm clothes and wrapped up in three blankets. (I suppose you could say I dressed up for Halloween as “a cold-intolerant Southerner.”)

I just sat on the couch on Halloween night, looking at photos of other people dressed up for costume parties or out trick-or-treating with their kids, feeling a little sorry for myself as I ate tiny little miniature chocolate bars.

I hadn’t planned on buying a bag of Halloween candy. We never get trick-or-treaters. But last week, I was feeling festive and thought I would buy a bag of candy to take to the office.

I stopped by the store the day before Halloween and discovered that not only were they already putting out Christmas items, but the bags of Halloween candy were already on sale. Buy one, get one free! Buy one for the office, get one for me!

But which candy to buy?

Chocolate? That’s a given.

But nothing with peanut butter. I know everybody always ranks Reese’s as their favorite Halloween candy, but I’m just not a big fan of peanuts.

I didn’t want Twix or Kit-Kats or any other candy that incorporates a cookie. Nothing with wheat. I’m trying to eat low-carb.

Butterfingers? Too crunchy.

3 Musketeers? Not crunchy enough.

Starbursts? Too sticky.

I’ve lost my taste for candy corn, after that one year I ate a whole bag in one sitting.

I do love me some Skittles, but fruity candy just doesn’t feel seasonally appropriate. A chilly fall night calls for the warming mouthfeel of chocolate.

And caramel! Yes, whatever candy I picked would have to include caramel.

Also, I wanted a variety in my bag of candy. Because Halloween is all about digging through a bag of assorted candies to find your favorites.

I finally settled on a variety pack that included miniature Snickers bars, miniature Milky Way bars and tiny bags of regular M&Ms. Even though I don’t really like Snickers — the peanut thing again.

So I’ve discovered this puzzling phenomenon. While I would never eat two full-sized candy bars in one sitting, I can easily eat two — OK, five — OK, a dozen — miniature candy bars in one sitting.

They’re just so tiny and cute.

I got home and sorted through my Halloween candy. I ate all the Milky Ways first. I set aside the M&Ms to use in my new favorite salty-sweet snack: popcorn mixed with candy.

And I bagged up all the leftover Snickers bars to take to the office.

Trick or treat.

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Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.