Moving box

We pulled out the good sterling flatware for dinner the other night. Not because we were celebrating or anything. Because all the other silverware was still hidden away in a packing box somewhere.

We moved to a new house last week. More importantly, we moved to a smaller house last week. Which has forced me to face the fact that I have




I have three sets of china: my mom’s china, my grandma’s china and a set of Christmas china that appears only one day a year. And yet we eat our meals on a set of mismatched plates from Target.

We also have so many coffee mugs that each person in the family could have 12 of them. Where do all the coffee mugs even come from? I don’t remember buying half of these.

I can’t grow flowers to save my life, but I still have 34 vases. Most of them were wedding gifts, so I can’t get rid of them without feeling guilty.

When I was packing up, I found 76 DVDs in the back of a cabinet. The DVD player broke five years ago.

In the attic, I found a whole assortment of end tables, some of which needed refinishing, some of which needed new legs, all of which had been gathering dust.

It took six huge boxes to pack up the contents of my closet, and yet I really only wear the same five pairs of pants and six shirts.

I had more picture frames than I had walls.

We will not talk about the number of books I own that I have never read.

There were baby toys that I said I was saving for the grandkids, but I was really only hanging onto for the memories.

I am still carrying around my mom’s coin collection, even though I have no interest in collecting coins, but she put a lot of time and work into that collection and it seems like it’s valuable and yet I have no time to figure out how to go about selling it.

Stuck in the backs of my kids’ closets I discovered several Christmas gifts that had never even been opened. I paid good money for those! I’m not just throwing them away.

In the back of the linen closet were several sets of full-sized sheets. We no longer own a full-sized bed. But you never know when you might need a full-sized sheet.

I have to say, these first few days in the new house, it’s been really nice using the sterling flatware. We’re also been drinking out of the the good lead crystal glasses. Maybe I should start using the good stuff every day, and give away the old dishes.

Except you never know when you might need a chipped plate.

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Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.