On Monday, there was a frog in the house, near the front door. On Tuesday, there was a frog in the kitchen. On Sunday, there was a frog in the mailbox.

If this was ancient Rome, I would be in for some good luck.

If this was ancient Egypt, I would need to let those people go.

I live in the woods. I am no stranger to frogs. One night I noticed a tree frog stuck to the outside of my kitchen window — and it was GLOWING. Turns out the frog had swallowed a firefly.

The frogs that invaded my space last week were bright green tree frogs, the color of Kermit. Tree frogs tend to be small with sticky pads on their toes, the better to keep them from falling out of the trees and into unsuspecting people’s mailboxes.

Frogs are amphibians, and toads are amphibians, but a frog is not a toad. Frogs like water. Toads like dry land. Frogs are smooth. Toads are bumpy.

Where a group of birds is called a flock, a group of toads is called a knot. A group of frogs is called an army. A tadpole is sometimes called a pollywog.

Bullfrogs croak. Spring Peepers peep. Cartoon frogs ribbit.

The frog chorus in the ancient Greek comedy “The Frogs” sings “Brekekekex koax koax.”

When the tree frogs in my woods come out of winter hibernation, they sound an orchestra playing tiny melodic buzzsaws.

Frogs will not give you warts if you pick them up. But they might urinate on you to try to escape.

It can rain frogs. This happens after a tornado forms over water and sucks up the inhabitants of a pond.

Princesses kiss frogs to get wishes. People lick toads to get high.

In Africa and China, they don’t see a man in the moon. They see a frog in the moon.

Froggy went a-courtin’. Mr. Toad took a wild ride. Frogger had a hard time crossing the street.

Michigan J. Frog was the mascot of the WB Network. Dig’Em was the spokes-animal for Honey Smacks cereal. Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

Mark Twain wrote about Dan’l Webster, the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. J.K. Rowling wrote about Trevor, the misguided pet toad of Neville Longbottom.

In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” the witches use eye of newt and toe of frog to make their cauldron boil and bubble.

In the children’s books “Frog and Toad,” Frog is the sensible one.

The children’s show “Gullah Gullah Island” featured a giant frog puppet named Binyah Binyah. The animated show “Futurama” features a toad with glowing eyes that hypnotizes people into writing ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

The French eat frog legs. The English eat toad-in-the-hole. Harry Potter eats chocolate frogs.

If we hop to it, we can make it to IHOP for breakfast.

Lisa Davis is Features Editor of The Anniston Star. Contact her at 256-235-3555 or

Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.