It all started when I realized we no longer needed to use our dining room as a home office.

I could move the desk out of that room … and move in the dining table that has been in storage in the attic.

But most of the old dining room chairs were broken … which meant I needed to buy new ones.

Although I do have enough spare chairs around the house to make a set of super-trendy mismatched chairs … but if I did that I should really buy a more casual dining table to better match the chairs.

As long as I’m taking things out of storage, I could finally unpack those boxes of heirloom china that have been in the basement for four years … but if I did that I would really need to buy a china cabinet.

You know what would really draw the room together? Wallpaper. In a subtle pattern. With coppery metallic highlights.

But coppery highlights would clash with the brass chandelier … and I’ve always wanted one of those big designer chandeliers that are all the rage right now.

The existing rug would go with none of this.

As long as we’re in this deep, we might as well just knock down that wall between the dining room and the kitchen because … open floor plan.

By this point, I’d been on Pinterest for four hours and it was long past my bedtime.

That night, I dreamed I was walking through my house, and I turned a corner into a room I had never seen before, and in the corner was a china cabinet I had forgotten I had. I turned around, and there behind me was ANOTHER china cabinet.

Then I woke up and remembered I have one child in college and another on the way.

Pinterest, get thee behind me.

I do need a dining room — squeezing six people around the kitchen table at Thanksgiving is getting old — but I don’t need to wallpaper. I can just paint. I don’t even need to paint the whole room; one “feature wall” would be fine.

The existing brass chandelier lights up. It doesn’t need to make any more of a statement than that.

I don’t need a new rug. Why does the dining room even need a rug at all? Who decided it was a good idea to put an expensive piece of hard-to-clean fabric someplace it is certain to have food and drink spilled on it?

I can use the mismatched dining chairs, but I don’t need a new table to go with them, because that sort of defeats the purpose of “mismatched.”

Although I really should reupholster all the chairs in a matching fabric …

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Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.