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Today our categories are Venerable Game Shows, Esoterica, Must-See TV, How Many Commercials Can Oprah Be In, Missing Mustaches and GOATS.

Hint: These are not the goats you’re thinking of.

The correct answer is: “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time,” the game show’s latest tournament of champions featuring three of its all-time top winners.

The three trivia masters squared off over three nights last week. Their next match will air Tuesday at 7 p.m. on ABC.

I can’t stop watching. I haven’t been so invested in prime-time TV since the very first season of “Survivor.”

A: This contestant holds the record for the longest-winning streak on “Jeopardy!” (74 games in 2004) and is currently leading the GOAT tournament.

Q: Who is Ken Jennings?

A: This contestant is a professional gambler whose approach is “strategically aggressive.”

Q: Who is James Holzhauer?

A: This contestant is the all-time money winner on “Jeopardy!” but is getting skunked in the GOAT tournament, possibly because he’s too slow on the buzzer.

Q: Who is Brad Rutter? (We would also have accepted the answer, “Who is the contestant Lisa most identifies with?”)

A: $415,273

Q: What are the three champions’ combined winnings so far?

A: A Rolls-Royce, a couple of houses or two months’ of Nick Saban’s salary.

Q: What could you buy with that kind of money?

A: Word Nerd, Comma Chameleon, Kid Lit, Obscure British Sitcoms, Coffee and Chocolate.

Q: What are Lisa’s dream Jeopardy categories?

A: “20-Letter Words.”

Q: What is the most mind-boggling category from “Jeopardy! GOAT”?

A: “Gemstones! Meet the Gemstones!”

Q: What is the punniest category from “Jeopardy! GOAT”?

A: Cursive

Q: What Lisa said when the answer was “heiroglyphics.”

A: Anwar Sadat

Q: What Lisa said when the answer was “Hosni Mubarak.”


Q: What is the sound of these guys buzzing in to answer before Lisa has even finished reading the question?

A: “Plane trigonometry employs the law of these ratios between the sides of a triangle and its hypotenuse.”

Q: What is, “Lisa can’t even figure out which part of this is the question”?

A: “Its second line is, ‘All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope & Czar, Metternich & Guizot.’”

Q: What is, “Lisa only thought she was smart”?

A: Who is Morticia Addams?

Q: What is the one and only answer Lisa knew that none of the three champions knew? (Ha! Sometimes it pays to watch TV instead of doing your homework.)

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Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.