There is a Girl Scout dad in my office. I like to think of him as the Walter White of Thin Mints. When he stopped by my cubby earlier this month and tempted me with a Girl Scout cookie order form, I caved immediately.

A long time ago, at a newspaper far, far away, I wrote my first humor column. Back then, I didn’t make fun of myself, like I do now. Instead, I made fun of celebrities and movies and TV shows. Most famously, I once made fun of a big purple dinosaur.

Taking the whole family to a University of Alabama football game has long been on my husband’s bucket list. And so, on a glorious Saturday in October, I found myself trailing behind my husband and two kids up the entrance ramp to Bryant-Denny Stadium.

I have spent the past week reading 326 ghost stories, and I’m a little wigged out right now. The stories were entries in The Anniston Star’s annual Ghostwriters contest for kids from kindergarten through high school.

Alabama just passed a law requiring that cursive handwriting be taught in public schools. Otherwise, how will kids be able to read our nation’s founding documents? Or notes from their grandmothers? Or signatures?

I was sitting at the kitchen table a couple of weeks ago when I idly wondered, "Did I remember to get the air-conditioner serviced this spring?"

Musicians love to write songs about their mamas — from Ozzy Osbourne to Kanye West (yes, he has a mother) to the mighty George Jones, who wrote more songs about mama than all the rest combined. Some personal favorites: