Amid the controversy surrounding President Trump and his close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, I could not help but wonder what Carl McIntire would have thought of it all.

In most parts of this country of ours, folks are content with four seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring. Each defined by changes in temperature and such.

I went to bed on New Year’s Eve shortly after 9 p.m, just like I always do unless the game I am watching is close. Then I might stay up.

As we enter the Christmas season, many of you are looking back on Thanksgiving and thinking, “I wished I had baked a turkey.”

A whole lot has been written about the election just past, and much of it has been couched in revolutionary language. Alec MacGillis’ “Revenge of America’s Forgotten Class” essay in The Star earlier this month is a good example. Well, to quote Richard Nixon, “Let me say this about that.”

Next time you watch a University of Alabama home football game, pay particular attention when the Goodyear blimp, which always seems to be there, flies over Bryant-Denny Stadium. When it does, you will notice that hard against the imposing structure named for two of the university’s legends …

“Politics in Alabama was a dirty business, if it was done right.” — Fuller Kimbrell, Jim Folsom’s finance director, reflecting on Alabama politics in the 1950s