Former coach Jack Grizzard of Oxford enjoys an album of memories Saturday.

Wednesday’s list ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


OUTSIDE IT WAS a cold and wet day, inside the Oxford Civic Center it was warm and alive with old memories of how “he” and “they” used to be, way back there in the 1960s.

“He” is Jack Grizzard, “they” were a gathering of those once young with hair, all now older and some graying as they stood around in small groups and played “remember when.”

The occasion was their long-ago football coach’s 90th birthday and truth is Oxford’s Jack Grizzard hasn’t changed all that much. He still looks like the Jack Grizzard I covered in my early years in the toy shop. And yep, he was wearing that same grin I remembered ... with fondness.

That fondness has held up well. Hugs from the hundred or so who braved the weather to be there said that without words.

But there were words, words from one of Grizzard’s legends, running back Terry Henley who drove from Birmingham to sort of emcee the occasion.

Terry, who went on to become a star at Auburn University, shared a few Grizzard moments Saturday afternoon.

As in:

“When you walk through the door of the dressing room, you should be ready to play. Never a thought of losing.”

“He never said a prayer where he asked The Lord to help us win. He prayed for everybody’s safety.”

One I liked best:

“Winning is something you carry through life forever.”

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon ...



“The rain that falls I love so dear and joy is mine just living here

“I know he must be standing near I felt the touch of God's hand.”

That’s from the pen of the late Bob Nolan, written in 1935. Nolan was a founder of The Sons of The Pioneers. I may have told you that before, but Google the entire song, The Touch of God’s Hand.

It’s absolutely beautiful ... and could push you into answering the altar call Sunday ... for a second time.


QUOTABLE: “You see the rainbow, you see the rain. If you want to reach your goals, you have to be able to put up with the pain.”

                         — Unknown


BIRTHDAYS: Dec. 5 — Helen Spoon; Dec. 8 — Dale Cox; Dec. 9 — Glenda McWhorter; Dec. 11 — Eddie Tankersley and  Richard D. Stubbs; Dec. 13 — Banks Cotton; Dec. 14 — Dallas Johns, Steve Hayes and Emily Upton; Dec. 15 — Anna Laurie Cotton;  


TOP TEEN: Meet Lauren Henderson, a senior at Ohatchee High School where she carries a perfect 4.0 GPA and has a solid 25 on her ACT.

Lauren also shines and has the respect of her peers outside of academics.

She is vice-president of the National Honor Society, class president, Christian Club president, and Key Club treasurer. Young Miss Henderson is also in the Principal’s Club, Student Support Services, a three-year member of the track team, and has a year on the varsity track team on her resume.

A member of Alabama Girls State, she has also been voted Football Homecoming Sweetheart and Homecoming first alternate. A few other things is Lauren is in the AVA Honor Choir and has been voted Senior Who’s Who Cutest and Best Dressed.

She plans to enter Auburn University in the all and work toward a degree in pharmacy.

Proud parents are Robin and Susan Henderson of Ohatchee.

Applause is in order ...


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