‘Best Mom’

Former Anniston resident Meg Weidner wrote and starred in the movie ‘Best Mom’ with Donna Mills, left, and Violet Hicks, right.

In the past year since her feature film “Best Mom” premiered, former Anniston resident Meg Weidner has been on an emotional roller coaster. “I probably need to make a playbook about what to do, and what not to do, for the next go-around,” she said. “In order to minimize the stress and maximize the joy.”

Writing and starring in her first feature film was only the beginning for Meg. There was much more to be done throughout the process of releasing the film, the constant interviews, press releases and promotions, learning the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram, etc. “I have a love-hate relationship with social media,” Meg said. “It can feel so overwhelming, yet I know it’s necessary.”

Meg returns to Anniston whenever possible and enjoys catching up with her Alabama friends — “especially the ones who cook,” she said with a laugh.

She is currently working towards completion of a new script for a feature film she has mysteriously entitled “PB.” After it goes through the re-writing stages, she would love to film it in Anniston, but first has to explore locations, tax incentives and building a team.

    In the meantime, she landed a part in the movie “A Nice Girl Like You,” starring Lucy Hale, Jackie Cruz and Mindy Cohn and directed by brothers Nick and Chris Riedell. “I am very grateful they cast me in the role of ‘Gertrude,’” she said. “It’s the best romantic comedy script I’ve read in a while.”

    Like most everyone else in the world of movie-making, Meg enjoys watching awards shows like the Oscars. “Best Mom” won Best Family Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and while Meg is proud of that accomplishment, she tries to keep such things in perspective. “I recently heard an interview with Milo Ventimiglia (Jack from “This Is Us”) about not focusing so much on an award and just being grateful to be a working actor,” she said. “That’s how I feel. I am very grateful to be doing the work.”

    Just because Meg is busy with a new script and was cast in another movie doesn’t mean she’s done with “Best Mom.” Not by a long shot. For one thing, she stays in contact with most of the cast and crew. “Everyone worked with all their heart to bring this dream to reality,” she said. “They elevated the script and story far beyond my wildest dreams.”

    Her co-star, Donna Mills, won Best Supporting Actress for her work in the movie at a Hollywood film festival. Violet Hicks, who plays Meg’s onscreen daughter, was recently seen by moviegoers in the film “Vice” as the young Liz Cheney.

    For those of you who want to see “Best Mom,” you’re in luck. The film was recently distributed through Freestyle Digital Media to internet and satellite platforms. As of last week, it is now available for viewing on such sources as Amazon Video, AT&T U-Verse TV, DirecTV and Dish Network, to name a few.

    “Writing ‘Best Mom’ was a labor of love,” Meg said. Daughters try very hard not to be like their mothers, yet that’s exactly what happens. “The lesson I want people to take away from my movie is that we moms are all in this together. We have to go out of our way to be who we are, laugh at ourselves and realize that our imperfections are what make us loveable."

    For more information and behind-the-scenes news, visit bestmomfilm.com.

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