I was finishing up a phone interview when my 8-year-old daughter burst out of her room like she’d found a nest of evil clowns living under her bed.

For the previous couple of years, as features editor for the Opelika-Auburn News, I had done various creepy things for Halloween stories.

As summer turns to fall, Brett Buckner's attention turns to the Star’s third annual HorrorFest, a buckets-of-blood marathon during which he will watch 31 horror movies in 31 days.

The blood was still churning in the water and the bikini-clad, blonde damsel had just barely escaped the jaws of the man-eating (or, in this case, woman-eating) great white shark when my 8-year-old daughter used a handful of buttered popcorn to steal my attention away from the movie screen.

My first concert was Alabama and Juice Newton. Not a lot of cool points in that statement, but I was maybe 8 years old — same age as my daughter.

Things I never want to hear my 8-year-old daughter say: "Before using Viagra, make sure your heart is healthy enough for sex."

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Parenting is the proverbial slippery slope. One wrong step and your greatest accomplishment could grow up to be your worst nightmare.