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Back in the U.S.S.R.: Touring the Soviet Union in the 1970s

Soviet Union in 1975

(Clockwise from left) Scenes from the Soviet Union in 1975 include the town square monument outside Kiev, a Russian cemetery worker and children gifted with chewing gum.

While writing about other people’s travels in recent weeks, I admit to being envious. There’s so much of the world I haven’t seen, but surely hope to. I’d at least like to be on the same par as my husband, Tim. Before we got married, his free spirit took him all over the place.

In eastern Europe, he made his way through what were then Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. In Romania (still known as Romania), he went to Transylvania to take pictures of Dracula’s castle. He explored Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and after camping in Germany, left his tent pitched with a sign that read “bitte nicht storen” (do not disturb).