WEDNESDAY’S LIST ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


SHE WAS leaning against the counter with a far-away look in her blue eyes, didn’t really notice me as I walked in.

On checking out, I asked where she was when I came in.

With a lovely smile, the answer: “I was daydreaming.”

Trying to be a bit cutesy, I wondered if she was “dreaming about night things in the middle of the afternoon.”

That got a big laugh and “You got that from Ronnie Milsap.”

Which is when I decided I really might be in love with Jean Sexton of Christian Corner Meats in Saks.

“Sure, I know who Ronnie Milsap is,” she said. “He’s my favorite. I’ve been to two Ronnie Milsap concerts.”

I really didn’t fall in love (she’s married), but one so young who can love the country music of my time is rare and I was impressed.

On another note, my son-and-heir Barry grew up confined to the back seat of the family car with the radio blaring Hank Williams and Eddy Arnold. He is not overly fond of “my country,” but guess what one of his favorite songs is:

“Lost in The Fifties Tonight.”

That’s a Milsap classic ... so, play it again, Ronnie.


SHERIFF ANDY Griffith  and Deputy Barney (Don Knotts) brought law and order and good  humor with a message into our living rooms for eight years back the 1960s.

What some of you may have forgotten or didn’t know is Griffith was a really good singer of the old hymns.

I hit Spotify recently and listened to Andy do “I’ll Fly Away”and “Shall We Gather at The River.”

Really good ... and echoes of the small rural churches of my childhood.


QUOTABLE: “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” – P.J. O’Rourke


FOR JUST over two hours Sunday late I was glued to the 46-inch hi-def out in my barn. The big news is I wasn’t watching baseball nor golf nor World War II.

I was watching soccer, the World Cup in Brazil. I was among the legions of American football fans who consider soccer something of a sissy’s game. Had not the U.S. been playing (Portugal), I’d probably have opted for a cooking show.

A score of 2-2 sounds about as dull as watching tin rust, but that does show how much I don’t know about soccer. I was on the edge of my seat, and when Portugal hit a tying goal with just seconds left, I think I know how Alabama fans felt in that last-play loss to Auburn last fall.

It was a gut punch, and the game really is NOT for sissies. The guys who play this sport at the world-class level are outstanding athletes.

Thing is, I came away with a hurt, but also with a glimmer of understanding as to why the game is the worldwide sport that it is.

With that said, I still doubt I will watch more of the World Cup other than us against Germany. I’ll just sit here and wait for OUR football season, now a mere 10 weeks or so.


KEN EASTERLING made his Tuesday run to the Oxford and Anniston area, but the not-so-good news is that’s what it will be the rest of the way: Tuesday run only.

“I really don’t see me doing Fridays as I have in the past,” said Ken. “I just don’t have peaches.”

A bit of good news is Ken also has tomatoes.

See you Tuesday at Regions Bank in Oxford.


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