WEDNESDAY’S LIST ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


LEADING THE unwashed to salvation runs deep in our family.

My maternal grandfather, the Rev. George D. Cobb,  was an old-timey Baptist preacher (not minister ... there’s a difference) who fought infidels, pagans, and agnostics before Jimmy Swaggart was a gleam in his daddy’s eye.

My brother Terry is the pastor at Clairmont Springs Baptist in Clay County.

His son Jason is currently pastor of missions and outreach at  the Gardendale Mount Vernon United Methodist Church in Birmingham. The Rev. Mike Pope is the pastor and Jason’s boss.

The preaching genes run deep in Rev. Pope’s family, too.

His father was a minister, his brother is a minister, his brother-in-law is a minister. Once, when asked who was the best pastor in the family, the Rev. Pope had a quick answer:

“My mother.”

Back to “us” also tells  you the Rev. Billy Harris, who led Parker Memorial for two decades, is a cousin as is the Rev. Jerry Cobb who pastored Ranburne Baptist and First Baptist of Weaver in past years.

Somewhere out there I have two or three other cousins who preach the word.


I listen to the Rev. Truman Norred at Blue Mountain Baptist every Sunday morning and my family marvels at that. They are surprised I didn’t wind up in Kilby Prison or dealing blackjack in Las Vegas.

Life can be full of surprises, huh?


QUOTABLE: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”       

                       — Unkown


THE ROSE and the bloominghoneysuckle sure do match up well.

The Knock Out roses in our front and along the side of the Smith manor are gorgeous. The honeysuckle growing across the back hedgerow delights the patio with its perfume.

But there is one fly here. Son and heir does not like the smell of the honeysuckle. There really are times I think he got mixed up at the hospital.

Oh, well ...


BIRTHDAYS: May 23 – William Baxter; May 24 – Sherry Peoples.


TOP TEEN: Meet Quenetria Bolton, a senior at Anniston High School where her 4.0 GPA ranks third in the class of 2014.

Young Miss Bolton has NEVER made less than an A in her entire life, elementary through high school. Such was unacceptable for Quenetria, who finishes at AHS holding an advanced academic diploma with career tech endorsement.

Quenetria is a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, but when she isn’t nailing the books there’s superb athletic ability.

She was captain of the girls basketball team this season, led the team with a 25.0 ppg average, and was an All-County and All-Area pick for four straight seasons. She capped that off with two years as an All-State player and was a nominee for the McDonald’s All-America team.

All that has brought big-time courting by universities from all over and her scholarship offers hit $390,000. Her choice is the University of Alabama, where a full scholarship awaits in addition to playing for the UA’s lady basket players.

“Quenetria approaches life as she approaches a game,” says Sherry Baxter, school counselor. “She has a plan and is focused on making it happen. She is a true inspiration to all.”

A proud mom is Tameka Bolton of Anniston.

This lady deserves a standing ovation ...

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