Beans ’n greens ’n other things:


THERE WILL be a gathering of old memories today at Greens ’n Beans in Alexandria. It is the 65th anniversary of the Class of ’48  for my alma mater, Ohatchee High.

Thing is, the extra parking needed is not all that much.

At graduation, there were 37 in the class, largest ever at that time. The years, as always, have taken a toll. Only 14 of those 37 are still living,  but a nice note is 12 of them still call Calhoun County home.

In the fall of ’47, 10 of the guys played football, five of the girls were cheerleaders. One of those was a very pretty brunette with freckles, Logene Bryant. She is now Logene Bryant Scott, that coming her senior year when she and J.B. drove to Georgia and got married.

Logene was one of quite a few young ladies I had a “crush” on, but her being  an older woman and me a scared-to-death beanpole, she never knew it.

Anyway, Logene called to invite me to the gathering of some eight to 10. I can’t make it, but have fun people ... and I know you will.

It will be a fun time, as a Mickey Gilley song goes, of “Playing old memories down.”


JOHN ADCOCK, first as a basketball player at Alabama and then as basketball coach at Wellborn, has seen a few tough battles in his time, but nothing compares to his current “playing court,” UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

John, one of the nicest men I’ve ever known, has been at UAB for better than a month and his battle is on-going, but wife Sue says he’s slowly getting better.

I first knew John when he was playing at Alabama and over the years we became close, very close. Truth is John Adcock is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

It is worth noting that John is not only in the Calhoun County Sports Hall of Fame, but also the Coweta, Ga., Sports Hall of Fame.

Please remember John ...


MY FEELINGS toward oatmeal are no secret, that again coming to mind this morning over my weekly ordeal with the stuff. Two things.

1. I hate the stuff, I’ve said that before, but not today.

2. Oatmeal will stick to a tub of melted lard. That always comes to mind when I try to rinse out the bowl.

You may not feel better, but I do.


BIRTHDAYS: May 9 – Henry Baugh, Derrick Smith, Nancy Schiller and Addis Lawler; May 9 – Betty Spivey; May 10 – Virginia Johns.


TOP TEEN: Meet Haley Rowe, a senior at White Plains High School, where her perfect 4.0 GPA has nailed down valedictorian for the class of 2014.

In nailing that 4.0 Haley has taken honors-level courses such as AP chemistry and dual enrollment English composition. Her academics have also put her on the algebra I, algebra  II, and the pre-calculus math teams.

She is a member of the Beta Club and active in Student Government for the past two years.

Along the way, young Miss Rowe has found time to be a member of the school choir and has served as a varsity cheerleader, the last two years as captain.

A member of Choccolocco Community Church, Haley this fall will enter Auburn, where she has earned a Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship.

“Haley is the definition of a role model,” says guidance counselor Angela Forbus. “She has strong beliefs about right and wrong and does not waiver in those beliefs to gain popularity.”

Proud parents are Phillip and Holley Rowe.

Take a bow, young lady.

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