WEDNESDAY’S LIST. . .of beans ‘n greens ‘n other things:


WITH 10 DAYS in Ohio in the memory bank, here are a few things in that bank:

-- A few blocks from where we spent those 10 days is a huge apartment complex. Sitting at curbside was a moving truck reading“Use this truck FREE  when you rent with us!The “us” is R. L. Collins Company. I think that’s a pretty good piece of bait to catch movers.

-- There isn’t a Waffle House within 25 miles of Circleville. One morning I opted for Goodwin’s Family Restaurant. Three pancakes and coffee, with tip, was $8.87. I then gave McDonald’s a try. The scrambled eggs, biscuit, sausage, and a potato patty were about as bad as anything on the market.

-- Cheapest gas along the way was $3.03 in Cleveland, Tenn. Highest was $3.49 near Washington Courthouse Square. The blonde’s truck averaged 22.0 mpg, but required four fill-ups. Another good reason I couldn’t afford $8.87 for breakfast but just once.

-- Those overhead message lights along the way were:


Please don’t leave kids in hot     cars.

Look before locking


Don’t text and drive.

     It’s the law


It’s a fact seat belts save lives.   Buckle up


QUOTABLE: “The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.”

          -- Ronald Reagan


BIRTHDAYS:Aug. 6 – Patricia Ann Hancock; Aug. 13 – Jerry Wade; Aug. 15 – Junior Coxwell.


PEACH REPORT:Ken Easterling, “our” Chilton County Peach Man, was here Tuesday with yet another load of really good stuff.

That’s the good news. The bad news is Ken will have peaches for just one more trip, next Tuesday (Aug. 19) at Regions Bank in Oxford, starting time 6 a.m. From there, if he doesn’t sell out, is the Anniston post office around 8.

Then it’s wait ‘til next year.


MOSTLY Idon’t pay attention to automobile commercials on the tube. A couple of reasons are I don’t like hollering and, since paying for the blonde’s new kitchen, I won’t be able to afford a new car for two decades at least.

But then there are the really good ones done by Hope Miles of Buster Miles Chevrolet/Ford in Heflin. She does it with a quiet touch that comes across as a personal visit with you. I don’t know the lady, but she makes me feel as if I do.

Take a bow, Hope Miles.


NEWS YOU can use:

It is now just 17 days until Alabama and Auburn open their football seasons.

Bama meets West Virginia in the Georgia Dome Aug. 30 while Auburn opens with Arkansas at home.


IT’S THElittle things . . .

Paying bills is not as exciting as watching crabgrass grow, but those little envelopes with your address in a “window” just keep on coming.

A bit of good news is mostly there is a return envelope. But you still have to write the check, be sure sender’s address is in the return window, affix stamp and write your name and return address in the upper left-hand corner.

Well, ENVYlawn is just a wee bit better. Its return envelope also has a window in the upper left and the statement, when inserted, shows your name  and address.

OK, so I’m not wired all the way to the top . . .

Hope you have a good day, anyway.


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