Deep in your heart, although you may not want to admit it out loud, don’t you already miss the slender, athletic, quiet and thoughtful Barack Obama who made some mistakes, did some significant things, but never embarrassed America in the eyes of the world?

Here’s some friendly advice for new Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, the longtime district attorney in Marshall County: Become a loud and active advocate for openness in state government. It’s a good idea, and it might just remove doubts about how you were selected.

Amid the controversy surrounding President Trump and his close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, I could not help but wonder what Carl McIntire would have thought of it all.

There is a Girl Scout dad in my office. I like to think of him as the Walter White of Thin Mints. When he stopped by my cubby earlier this month and tempted me with a Girl Scout cookie order form, I caved immediately.

Let’s go back in time so we can see in perspective how a vulgar, ill-informed billionaire and thin-skinned braggart without a day’s experience in government on a drizzly morning in January became president of the United States.