The Ranburne Town Council — minus the mayor — handled routine business Monday night during its monthly meeting.

Ranburne Mayor Jim Smith, who according to City Hall workers has not been seen at the building in weeks — was absent due to an illness, according to Councilman Dennis Anglin.

Councilman Chuck Smith read a letter written by the mayor’s wife, Barbara Smith, who previously had been employed to work at the town’s senior center. In the June 26 council meeting it was revealed that a client of the center took food out of the premises, which is against the rules set forth by the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission.

 “I was not aware of the rules and regulations during the time I was present,” Councilman Smith read, quoting the mayor’s wife. She wrote she “did mention” to the seniors that food or beverages could not be taken out of the senior center at any time.

“It was not nepotism during the time I was working because there was not anyone else that was able to work or available at the time. So by doing so this kept the center from closing,” the mayor’s wife wrote, according to the letter the councilman read.

“I would like for it to be noted that I was not trained for the job and I did the best I could with what I knew,” Smith’s letter stated.

The council also discussed a request from a town resident who wants to be moved out of the city limits of Ranburne.

Councilman Smith said the resident, who was not at the meeting, wants to be moved out of the city limits because the resident’s grandson had received a ticket from the police.

Smith told the resident that he was unsure of how to handle such a request because he has never been involved in moving a resident into or out of the city limits.

Smith said the resident currently resides just inside the city limit where signage is posted indicating such.

Councilman David Walker asked the council if the resident would be upset if he needed the police and they didn’t go out on that call.

The council decided to research and study the matter further.

The council voted unanimously to approve the July meeting minutes, the most recent municipal financial statement and the recreation department fund.

The council also unanimously approved a business license for C&C floors.

The council decided to have the city’s Christmas parade on Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. and a Christmas tree lighting on Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. with refreshments.