There is a grandmother new to Calhoun County who wants to help parents and children have more love in the home and classroom.

She wants parents to have peace of mind and calmness in the home. She wants children to grow up and become responsible and confident. She believes such are obtainable goals.

Shelly Peed, a licensed, professional counselor and Tuscaloosa native who lives in Anniston, taught school and served as a school counselor for many years in Texas.

She saw a need to help parents discipline their children in an empathetic and proven manner and for them to find more happiness along the way for themselves. She returned to school and obtained a doctorate degree in psychology. She found a fitting program, Parenting the Love and Logic Way, and became certified to teach it.

Personally, this topic is important to me because I am also a former teacher and am a mother and grandmother. Recently, the topic was on my mind after seeing the current movie “Wonder.”

It tells how family members help a child with a facial deformity in a way in which they all come out stronger, happier, and more loving.

Peed (a name as vulnerable to teasing as principal Tushman in the movie) will lead four sessions for parents and caregivers in January and February at Oxford Civic Center.

The most important need that children have, according to Peed, is to experience their parents “acceptance without being disconnected from their parents” love, a disconnect that often comes when parents administer discipline.

“For instance,” Peed said, “parents can argue with their children about going to bed on time; but they can‘t force them to go to sleep.

They can, however, make sure their children are in the bedroom with no distractions and with a reminder that when they wake up the next morning, they will go to school on time.”

There is no need for argument, according to Peed. In fact, saying something like, “I know you are tired this morning as I am when I don’t get enough sleep. However, I hope you have an okay day.”

The parent then must send the child to school and offer no tardy slip or written excuse.

This example is an oversimplification, of course, and the problems are increased when parents are dealing with their own traumas from childhood, especially when drugs or alcohol are present. Peed offers private counseling to help resolve such issues using a method called Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Parents who attend the classes get a workbook they can use based on decisions they should make versus decisions they have made.

The workbook offers strategies on behavior that parents should or should not allow in the home.

 It makes suggestions on the best words to use when disciplining children.

Parents will learn best how to express “genuine empathy and compassion” that help the children make positive future decisions.

Peed offers continuing-ed seminars and teaches educators nine skills from a program called “Love and Logic in the Classroom“

“Many are low-stress strategies that prevent multiple visits to the principal,” Peed said.

Peed, whose office is on South Leighton Ave., also offers seminars for corporations.

Peed and her husband, John, live in Alexandria. He is a retired music educator and now a wood craftsman. They like living in Calhoun County because of the friendliness of its people and the centrality of its location.

She has enjoyed returning to Alabama and hopes to make a positive difference in communities.

As she talked, I could tell that parenthood is very important to this mother of three and grandmother of six boys. I could tell she cares about other children as well.

We need more people who will motivate us to be responsible parents, teachers, and individuals.

The parenting program has a website on Facebook called “Love and Logic Institute.” Also, Peed has a Facebook site for her business, All Clear Counseling.

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