The Ranburne Town Council on Monday put a cap on the amount of money the city will pay for the recreation field maintenance.

During a meeting Monday night, the council learned that the cost of field work on the baseball fields has increased over last year. The city will pay the same amount as last year, $600, but the rest of the tab will have to be paid by the recreation department, according to department board member Mike Swofford.

Field work includes striping the field, picking up trash and cleaning the restrooms. The resolution to cap the maintenance amount passed unanimously.  

The council also discussed upgrading the streetlights in town because some of the existing ones are getting hard to maintain. The bulbs and fixtures are obsolete, according to Mayor Jim Smith, so the council is looking into fitting light-emitting diodes into the fixtures. The city pays Alabama Power for the lights and would pay the same amount if the new lights are installed.

“We have 96 lights in town,” said Smith.

The council also discussed enacting a nuisance ordinance modeled after the one in Roanoke. It would include wrecked and abandoned cars in yards, rubbish and unsafe structures. The law would grandfather in any current nuisances but nuisances in the future will be covered in the ordinance.

Council members agreed they would adopt the ordinance at the next meeting if enough members are present.