The town of Ranburne is going to lose up to $70,000 in revenue due to 709 unprocessed municipal tickets, according to Mayor Jim Smith during Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

The newly hired City Clerk, Pamela Thompson, told the council she’s been unraveling myriad records on paper and in a computer, finding pending tickets dating back to 2009.

“They are so late the judge will have to dismiss them — the people never showed up to court,” Thompson said.

“The previous magistrate clerk — court clerk — they did not stay on top of it and the tickets got bypassed,” she explained to The Star. “They were not taken care of.”

Smith said what was supposed to happen if an individual didn’t come to court after two dates, authorities were supposed to issue an order to revoke their drivers license.

“That’s what the court and judge were supposed to do and that wasn’t happening — it didn’t happen,” Smith said.

If the individual did come to court, pled guilty and started paying for their offense since 2009, then they will still be responsible for their fine according to Thompson, who recently sent out letters to those persons requesting payment. She said the town is now up to date on the tickets for which fines can be collected.

Thompson said most of the other tickets, for offenses such as DUI, seat belt non-usage and speeding, will likely be dismissed by Ranburne Municipal Judge Allison Miller, who has already dismissed 70 tickets.

The council welcomed new member Trevor Kribbs, 46, who was sworn in to succeed the late Tommy Jones. This is Kribbs’ second stint on the council — he first served in the early 2000’s — and said he was eager to get back to work to help his community.

Kribbs, a principal at Berry High School in Fayette County, said he has a vested interest in the town and hopes to follow in Jones’ footsteps, whom he called his mentor. Kribbs used to be the principal at Ranburne High School and at the elementary school.

The council unanimously voted to officially close the city’s jail because inmates are no longer housed in it.

Senior Center manager Summer Vise turned in her resignation to the council as she found another job in nearby Bowden, Ga. Vise said she loved working with the seniors and and will continue to be part of the community by volunteering when she has time. Vise had been manager for six months.

The council voted unanimously to grant a business license to William Owenby who plans to operate a recycling business.

The council also discussed a vacancy on the police force. The council will study what the salary will be and take up the matter during next month’s meeting.