Boy Scouts walk and cheerleaders ride during a homecoming event for Cleburne County High School Thursday evening in Heflin.

HEFLIN To celebrate Cleburne County High School’s homecoming next week, Heflin Main Street and the school are again cooperating to hold the second Homecoming On Main event. 

Last year the school celebrated its litany of homecoming activities downtown, including a parade, bonfire, music, games and recognition of past homecoming queens. The civic event garnered awards for two organizations. The Cleburne County High School cheerleaders won a Spirit Leader Award from Varsity Brands, a national organization which recognizes schools, and Heflin Main Street won an award for its promotion of the event.

Tanya Maloney, director of Heflin Main Street, said homecoming will remain largely the same for this year.

“Last year was such a huge success and the community just loved it, they loved everything about it,” said Maloney.

Maloney said more than 1,500 people attended the event last year.

“There were so many people here, and homecoming is about tradition, and we’re going to honor those traditions this year,” said Maloney.

Maloney said the parade is getting more popular and more people want to participate.

Last year four decades of Cleburne County homecoming queens were recognized and were featured in the parade. This year, Maloney said, all Cleburne County teachers, no matter which school, will be honored. 

Last year high school students gathered around the bonfire and a local restaurant, and younger kids flocked to fun and games while adults stayed at the city’s amphitheater to listen to live music. 

Maloney and the other organizers have embraced that separation and have added some new twists. A DJ has been added to entertain the older kids and more games have been added for the younger ones.

A 12-piece band, the River City Horns, will perform at the amphitheater which will perform popular hits from the 1960s and 70s.

Maloney said that as a community Heflin is drifting back to a time of honoring tradition and hometown spirit.

“Downtowns and old parts of town, that’s kind of your heart and soul and that’s where your town is developed, and the school serves in the same capacity,” Maloney said. Maloney said that food vendors will be set up behind City Hall including the Chubby Unicorn, which specializes in sweets.

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