Four bridges open this week

This is the new culvert bridge over a Lockchelooge Creek on County Road 5.

Motorists in Cleburne County this week have four new bridges to travel on, structures that have been built during the past year over four different creeks.

According to Cleburne County engineer Les Estes, the bridges were deemed structurally deficient as school buses could not cross them safely and they had to be replaced.

The four bridges replaced cross:

— Carr Creek on County Road 2.

— Lockchelooge Creek on County Road 5.

— Dynne Creek on County Road 118.

— Silas Creek on County Road 96.

Estes said the structures are actually bridge culverts, which allow the creek to flow through large concrete box-like pipes as opposed to bridges, which would span the creek. The total cost of the project, which took a year, was $1.38 million, paid by the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, according to Estes.

Estes said the next bridge to be replaced is on County Road 49 south of County Road 35 over Roberts Creek. Estes said the old bridge was being torn down on Tuesday and it will take about five months to replace.

Cleburne County Commission Chairman Ryan Robertson was pleased to see the four bridges open and asked the public to be patient while future bridges are replaced.

“I’m glad that we’re making progress in replacing these bridges and sometimes it seems like a slow-go — but for the public that is inconvenienced, it does take some time to make improvements and make things safe in the long run,” Robertson said.