Currently Cleburne County has two cleanup days each year for residents to dispose of large household items, but if county Commissioner Laura Cobb’s resolution is approved at the next meeting, a convenience center to handle those items will be open for residents three days a week.

During the Monday night work session Cobb proposed using the $1 fee collected by the trash pickup contractor from each customer make the convenience center possible. It would be located at the county road department building, according to her proposal.

Cobb is concerned that residents who miss one of the two annual cleanup days might resort to randomly disposing of their trash almost anywhere in the largely rural county.

“What I’m concerned about is that, some of these people are going out and dumping it out in our county, I’m tired of our county being a dump site, I want our county to be a clean county,” Cobb said.

The convenience center would not be for typical household garbage but larger items like mattresses, tires and furniture, according to Cleburne County engineer Lee Estes. The next semiannual county cleanup day is on October 14.

Taking up another matter, Commissioner Emmett Owen discussed the possibility of county commissioners attending classes that other county officials attend so that commissioners can better understand the workings of those offices and can feel those officials’ “pain and suffering.”

Owen said this idea would be applied to any office under the county’s budget that goes to educational meetings, such as the revenue department and the sheriff’s office.

Owen also said that currently there are two empty pods in the Cleburne County jail that could house federal inmates as a way to boost revenue for the sheriff’s department. According to Owen, the jail in adjoining Clay County houses federal inmates.

Owen also wants a policy for county employees in the administration building to give notice of overnight trips so people know that they are gone.