Special day this Sunday!! At 630am we will have a Resurrection Celebration at the cross and then at 645am observe the Lord’s Supper. A breakfast will be served afterwards. Don’t forget fresh flowers to decorate the Living Cross outside! A special service will be held at 11:00am.

Bro. George opened to Luke 23: 16-19, “The Day at the Cross”. Let’s begin with the crowd at the cross. There was antipathetic- haters without care, non-hearers. They are in opposition and don’t hear the Word. Some were apathetic, for they judged without justice. They released a murderer over a just man. They were unconcerned but some were sympathetic. They were wailers but not workers for they only came to watch. Many still do the same today in churches by letting only 20% do all the work as they watch.

Look at the cries at the cross of the reaction. Pilate called to chastise him only but the crowds yelled crucify him. There is a cry of rejection from those unconcerned. Many were just unconvinced and did not trust Jesus to save him. We hear the cry of repentance.

Look at the compassion at the cross. The gift by Christ. No one took his life, he gave it.