EASTER.....The weekend that saved the whole world.

It was a busy weekend for us at Happy Hill with all the activities of Easter. The day begin Easter morning with Sonrise Service and Breakfast. The choir presented a Easter Cantata entitled REDEMPTION: The Power of the Cross.

Beth-EL Assembly of God and Happy Hill together presented JESUS, FRIEND OF SINNERS over the Easter weekend. It was an awesome three nights of performance. To God Be The Glory !

Those on the prayer list are Irmalene and Robert Norton, Betty Hayes, Lavada Vice, Ken Sanders, Danny Spradlin, Jeff Adams, April Benefield, Danny Crawford and Carol Doyle.

Until next time, God Bless!


How BIG is Easter? Oh, it’s only the answer to pretty much everything.


The teacher was extremely enthusiastic. She looked at her class of four-year-olds and asked this question: “Does any know what today is?” A little girl held up her hand and said, “Yes, today is Palm Sunday” The teacher exclaimed, “That’s fantastic. That’s wonderful. Now does anyone know what next Sunday is?” The same little girl held up her hand. She said, “Yes, next Sunday is Easter Sunday” Once again the teacher said “That’s fantastic. Now, does anyone know what makes next Sunday Easter?” The same little girl responded and said, “Yes, next Sunday is Easter because Jesus rose from the grave” Before the teacher could congratulate her, she kept on talking and said, “But if he sees his shadow, he has to go back in for seven weeks.