We hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Brother Jarvis Taylor opened our services today as he said, “There’s no words to describe how good God is!”.

We have Sunday School classes for all ages. The lesson in the adult class today was “Experiencing the Resurrec-tion” (Easter) from J Luke 24:13-35, John 20:1-18 and John 21:1-23. Jesus reaches our to each of us; because He lives we can have a personal relationship with Him. In the 2-6 year old class we learned “Jesus is alive” and this is why we celebrate Easter!

Brother Ronnie’s message this morning was from John 15:12-16, verse 13 says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. There are many people who die heroes in this world giving their lives to save someone elses’s. But though our physical lives can be saved we have to know Jesus for our spiritual lives to be saved!

Tonight’s message was from I Timothy 4:9-16, “How to be a good example to others”. We have to search the word of God our for ourselves. The same way we need physical food, we need spiritual food!

We rejoice over one saved this morning! Mount Olive has an amazing group of youths with many talents they use for the Lord. We invite you to join us anytime. Please, don’t let another second go by without being ready to meet Jesus! Brother Ronnie’s number is 256- 201-9444.