He is not here, but is risen. Remember how he spake unto you when He was yet in Galiee, Luke 24:6.

Because He Lives.” Yes, because He does live. We can all face tomorrow. This was our opening hymn.

Our church had an over flow of family and friends Sunday. I was happy to be able to attend.

Our soloists were Julie Cole and Amanda Williamson and special guest Susan Landress. The singers blessed our hearts as they sang.

Pinetucky is a wonderful place to be. Try us sometime.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers they need it so much. We’re asking for Doris Furr, Geneva Sutton, Brian Pauley, Ms. Lissa Hollis, Lillian Johnson, Sue Fordham, A.G. Bolt, Barbara and Gerald Perkins, Violet Morrow, Phil and Cathy Wortham as well as many others. God knows who they are and their every need.

Father, we have seen our risen Lord with the eyes of our heart, and we believer Amen.

Hope you have a blessed week from everyone at Pinetucky.