May 25 will be Homecoming at 10:45. Lunch will follow worship. We will not have Sunday school or Men’s breakfast.

God bless all the graduates of 2014. Many need prayer: Lula Mae Camp, Kate Ethridge, Bea Crawford, Grayson Smith, Ozell Benefield, Bobbye Williamson, Ronald Edwards, Clarence Noles, Lester Norton, Henry Prater, Gerald Robinson, Shelby Yates, J.W. Daniel, Chris Noles, Pat Gilley and family due to the loss of their son, Billy, Mary Truett, our nation, national leaders and our troops. May God bless you soon.

Our scripture was Acts 2:22-24. Church used to be the center of a community. Church has been pushed to the margins of the communities. Silly reasoning behind so many not being in church. Some people turned away because of clothes. The importance should have been the person feeling in their heart the need for church and we should be willing to help them, seek and find Jesus after Jesus went to the people.