From our church to you: We pray you had a great Easter observing the real meaning by the resurrection of our Lord and Savior! We had a great Resurrection Celebration, Lord’s Supper and breakfast followed by a beautiful worship service at 11. There will be a Mother’s Day luncheon on Saturday May 3rd at 1130pm. See FB for details. For kids: May 7th is Awana Race with pizza t 530, race 6pm.

Bro. George opened to 1 Corn. 15:12-20, “You Can’t Keep a God Man Down”. Today so many believe Jesus is dead. If that was so, the foundation of our region would be faulty. The rock would not have been rolled away and the holy place and our ability to call upon the name of God directly and speak to Jesus would have remained hidden behind the vale.

If Jesus were dead, our faith would be foolish. Our preaching would be profitless for we would have nothing to preach. He is ALIVE! Even the disciples would have been deceiving in their teaching. Also, the forgiveness would be fallacy. If he didn’t come out of the tomb, nothing else would have mattered. But he did!

If Jesus were dead, our future would be fearful. Death would have had dominion over us. But it doesn’t, we have hope! For without him, punishment would have been painful. For the wages of sin is death! We have Him! We know that our foundation is firm! He is Alive! Our faith is feasible because we have someone to believe in. We know our forgiveness is finished and our future is fabulous. Christ redeems us and we are changed!