What a beautiful day and service at Happy Hill Sunday. The choir specials were ‘Gone’ and ‘I Will Rise’. Special singing by Brandon and Holly Benefield. Special drama by the youth. On Sunday night, we observed the Lord’s Supper.

Beth-El and Happy Hill have come together to present a Easter play entitled “Jesus Friend of Sinners.” The play will be at Beth-El Assembly of God on April 18th & 19th at 7:00 and April 20th Easter Sunday at 6:00.

Sonrise Service and Breakfast at 6:00 - Easter Cantata REDEMPTION - The Power of the Cross at 10:30

Those on the prayer list are Irmalene and Robert Norton, Betty Hayes, Lavada Vice, Ken Sanders, Danny Spradlin, Jeff Adams, April Benefield, Danny Crawford and Carol Doyle.

Until next time, God Bless!


The key to Heaven was hung on a nail!


The teacher was extremely enthusiastic. She looked at her class of four-year-olds and asked this question: “Does any know what today is?” A little girl held up her hand and said, “Yes, today is Palm Sunday” The teacher exclaimed, “That’s fantastic. That’s wonderful. Now does anyone know what next Sunday is?” The same little girl held up her hand. She said, “Yes, next Sunday is Easter Sunday” Once again the teacher said “That’s fantastic.