Cleburne County students enjoy ‘pirate dance’

Trenton Townsend is taped to the wall. Townsend is a 7th grade math student teacher.

Cleburne County Middle School student teacher Trenton Townsend found himself in a sticky situation as students taped him to a wall during the annual pirate dance Thursday. Townsend smiled as layers and layers of colored duct tape sealed his fate.

“It’s a fun experience as long as you are not claustrophobic, that’s where the scare comes in,” Townsend said. Eventually he was set free as the two-hour dance last week came to an end.

“It felt great, we have some good scientists here, they were able to really figure out where to place me so I could hang up there for a little while,” Townsend said.

 Two hundred students participated in the annual themed dance, which is a motivational event for the students, according to counselor Jennifer Swafford.

“When we can motivate them to come to school then we can educate them and work towards their graduation — one way we do that is provide exciting fun activities at school,” Swafford said. “We make sure we teach them as much as possible,” Swafford said.

Swafford said that the dances have been held for the last 12 years.

The gym was converted into a dance hall complete with disco lights and loud music. Outside the gym tables of snacks and refreshments awaited the students amidst a collection of fake skulls and rubber rats. Volunteer Carrie Adams was busy mixing up a concoction of “pirate punch,” a blend of blue Hawaiian Punch and ginger ale.

“We have 10 gallons of it and they will go through every bit of it,” Adams said.

Malachi Phillips,12, was busy blowing up black balloons with skulls on them before the dance.

“I think this pirate dance is about to be crazy, I’m excited, I’m excited,” Phillips said.