East Heflin

Let Freedom Ring in a country where have the right of religion! This Sunday at noon I need men to stay with their tools to build the vbs set. We will meet back Wednesday night to decorate the church. VBS is 16-19 5:30-8pm. Lex Brown will having a Kid’s Campout at Tallapoosa River Outfitters Friday night June 27th at 6:00pm. Come out and enjoy!

Bro. George turned to Psalm 18: 1-3, “Our Declaration of Dependence”. Serving God is a delight and he is to be loved and leaned upon. We should place our devotion is Him because our God is a personal God and we are to praise his power. Our dependence is on Him! He is our stability, our safety, our salvation, our savior and our strength. Is he yours also? Come join us to find out.

Mount Olive Church of God

Brother Greg opened our service's today with John 8:32,36. As Christians we have Freedom in Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin .

"Leading Through Crises," Nehemiah 4:1-6:16 was today's Adult Sunday School lesson. We need leader's someone in charge to pull all together. Nehemiah's first response was prayer. As Nehemiah did we must pray , put our situations in God's hands, but not neglect what can be done with human hands .

Brother Ronnie's message this morning was "Totally Free ." In this world there is no such thing as being absolutely free . Even if law's are passed making some things legal it can still be sin ! " If we break the law's of the land our freedoms will be taken away we will go to jail . If we break God's law's our freedoms will be taken away we will go to hell."

God holds time in His hands . He is not obligated to call any of us but once !

Tonight Brother Ronnie's message was from Galation's 5:1 . Since 1776 when our Nation declared her independence things have changed, Sin Rages !  For us as human being's created in God's Image , we are created to serve Him , do what's right, do what the Word Of God say's . This is the truest form of freedom we get in this world . We Never Truly Live until we Love and Serve God !

Join us July 15 , at 10 am for our Best Homecoming ever . Preaching: Brother Jeff Mayo, Mount Olive's own Great Singer's .

Brother Ronnie's number 256-201-9444.