East Heflin

We celebrated with three baptisms this morning! Welcoming Douglas, Hudson, and Hunter! We began in Job 19:23-27, “A Faith Like No Other”.  We read in Job and see how we are to deal with major issues. After all, Job lost it all but remained faithful. He still wanted the world to know what the Lord had done for him. Like Job, we can trust the redemption of Christ through His power and by the resurrection for He has risen and not found in a tomb somewhere. We can also trust our relationship with Christ so we can live with Him after an earthy death. We are special to him and always will be.

Mount Olive Church of God

Psalm 147:1 " Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God : for it is pleasant: and praise is comely ." Brother Greg opened our services today with this verse.

Today's Adult Sunday School lesson was "Paul's Ministry Of Reconciliation ," Philemon 1-25. In our world today our jobs and employers can relate to slaves and slave masters  in regards to how we should behave towards each other. This lesson helps us see not to be discouraged but keep praying for our loved ones even when they seem to run from the gospel for years. Emersyn Kate Gamble was Dedicated to the Lord this morning. Her parents, family , friends and church family all desire for the Greatest Joy of her life to be serving the Lord !

Today was also Pastor Appreciation Day ! Brother Luke  brought our message from Ephesians 1:1-3,15-19. As Brother Ronnie and Sister June pray for all of us, we should pray for them. There is power in unity, agreement in backing the man and woman of God.

We joined our brothers and sisters in Christ for Revival tonight with the Carver Family at Living Word Family Church.

Brother Carver's message was from Luke 10:30-37. The question was why would this man leave Jerusalem ? Why would anyone leave the presence of God ? God longs to show compassion and mercy. He's waiting on you with outstretched arms !

Brother Ronnie's number 256-201-9444.