East Heflin

The Connection Corner is back up on Sunday mornings. Stop by for coffee, juice, and free breakfast items before Sunday School. Ladies- few slots left for Winter Retreat at Fort Morgan Feb 23-26. Men- Conference is at Mt Zion Friday night March 3 and all day March 4. Tickets $25.00. Brotherhood is the 19th at 8:30am.

We opened to Rev. 2:18-29, “You Can’t Shack up with the Devil and Expect God to Pay the Rent!” Jesus spoke unto the angel of Thyatina and wrote that his eyes were fiery because he did not like what he saw in the church because the people there were involved in excessive sin. A church that was doing what the world was doing. The judgment begins at church. He saw that the wickedness of Jezebel had been planted.

The people were busy working but the emphasis was not on worship. It should have been on Jesus. He detested something about this church. Jezebel wasn’t called by God, she called herself. Jesus confronted the leader of the church and the sins being taught. She taught immorality. Jesus issued a sentence of judgment death for all time. He will not tolerate ungodliness and he was through this false testimony.

 God doesn’t save you to set on the bench. Jesus determined something about this church. He offered comfort concerning their duty and destiny./ the church should have a heart for the sinner. Love them and teach them to love God. Jesus said if you do this, I will give you the Morning Star. All you need is Jesus!


Happy Hill

Hello from Happy Hill.   Hope this finds all of you doing good.

It was a blessing to be at Happy Hill Sunday.   Even though our attendance was down, it was good to see new faces in the congregation.  Special singing by Ryan and Savannah Jackson.

Consider this your special invitation to join us each Sunday.   Sunday School - 10:00;  Preaching - 11:00

Until next time, God bless!


Jesus invested His life in you.   Have you shown Him any interest?


During an impassioned sermon about death and final judgment, the pastor said forcefully, “Each member of this church is going to die and face judgment.” Glancing down at the front pew, he noticed a man with a big smile on his face. The minister repeated his point louder. “Each member of this church is going to die and face judgment!” The man nodded and smiled even more. This really got the preacher wound up. He pounded the pulpit emphatically when he came to the ultimatum: “Each member of this church is going to die and face judgment!!!” Though everyone else in the congregation was looking somber, the man in front continued to smile. Finally the preacher stepped off the platform, stood in front of the man and shouted, “I said each member of this church is going to die!” The man grinned from ear to ear. After the service was over, the preacher made a beeline for the man. “I don’t get it,” the preacher said in frustration. “Whenever I said, ‘Each member of this church is going to die,’ your smile got bigger. Why?” “I’m not a member of this church,” the man replied.

The Church at Pleasant Grove

The Church at Pleasant Grove had its first Worship Service on January 29, 2017 and it was great!  Thank you, Lord, for everyone who came to support us, for those who came together to make it happen, and for new friends made that day.

For those who are not familiar with The Church at Pleasant Grove, we are a new church plant through the Alabama State Board of Missions.  We are located in the Heflin/Hollis area on County Road 77, Heflin AL 36264.  We filed for the Articles of Incorporation on November 18, 2016.  Jason Bachus, our pastor and founder of The Church at Pleasant Grove was officially ordained at our former home church of Antioch Baptist of Oxford and received his Certificate of License as well as Certificate of Ordination on January 8th, 2017.  Bro. Micah Dorroh officially accepted the position of Worship Leader on January 19, 2017.  We have formally requested to join the Cleburne Baptist Association and will be placed on watch care for one year.

We invite you to join us for service one Sunday. You can expect a casual atmosphere with free coffee fellowship at 10:00am and worship at 10:30am. We will have two more monthly services on February 26th and March 19th leading up to our official launch date of April 16, 2017.  We are super excited about what God is doing here in our small town community church.  We’d love to talk with you about our vision.  Visit our website:, facebook:


February 23

American Legion Post 19 will meet on Feb. 23 at 6:30 p.m., all veterans are encouraged to attend.

February 28

Diabetes Education class will be held Feb. 28 at Heflin Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. The topic will be: Diabetes and your eyes. Heflin First United Methodist Church will be having their annual Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Wesley Center behind the church.  The meal is free and any donations received will benefit the American Cancer Society! Make plans to come join us for a good meal and great fellowship.

March 1

Heflin First United Methodist Church will be holding our Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, March 01, 2017.  Please make plans to join us for this moving service.  It will begin in the sanctuary at 6 p.m.

March 25

Spaghetti supper to benefit Scott Norton and family will be held March 25 from 4-6 p.m., at New Harmony Baptist Church. Plates are $6 for dine in or carry out. If you would like to purchase tickets in advance you can contact Kay Yancy at 256-282-0406 or Misty Pointer at 256-282-7867.


SWAT (Servants With A Testimony) meets at Macedonia Baptist Church each Thursday at 6p.m. If you have a stronghold of addiction in your life that you’re sick and tired of, SWAT may help.  Please call (256) 748- 4460 for more information.


Celebrate Recovery Group meets at Beth-El Assembly  of God each Friday at 6p.m.  If you have a stronghold in your life: Pride, anger, pornography, gossip, worry, jealousy, addiction, control issues, etc. and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of it, this may be for you.  Please call Jamie B. at (256) 201-3135 for more information.


The Full Circle Band plays every Saturday night from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm at the American Legion in Heflin Alabama.   Admission is $5.00 per person and no smoking or alcohol allowed.  Located next to the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 78.  Take I-20 to exit 199 and turn North onto Highway 9.  Go 1.4 miles and turn right into driveway.