The Cleburne County Board of Education handled year-end personnel business at its monthly meeting on April 9. The board voted unanimously to accept the following resignations due to retirement:

— Debbie Edwards, teacher at Fruithurst Elementary School, effective May


— Brenda Hall, principal at Ranburne Elementary School effective July 1

— Ronald Kimbrell, bus driver, effective June 1

— Vaughn Lee, teacher/coach at Cleburne County High School, effective May 25

— Chyral Traylor, teacher at the Cleburne County Career Technical School, effective July 1

— Eddie Norton, custodian at Ranburne High School, effective July 1

— Stacey Winter, teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary, effective June 1

The custodian at Pleasant Grove  Elementary, Cindy Butler, is resigning effective May 24

The board unanimously approved an annual resolution regarding the money it spends on internet, broadband and switching networks. The E-Rate funding resolution states that the board would match the government funding if it’s awarded. Cleburne County Superintendent Chad Young said the board pays for 20 percent of the funding, and the government pays for the remaining 80 percent. Young said the board is requesting $200,000 — an amount in line with previous years. Young said the board has never been turned down for the E-Rate funding.

The board also unanimously approved:    

— The purchase of three 72-passenger school buses and one 54-passenger school bus from Southland International.

 — To retain the student school health insurance program by Guaranty Trust Life Insurance Company. Young said this gives parents an option for health insurance for their children if no policy is available from the parents’ workplace.

— To hire Beth Jackson as a substitute nurse.

Young said the school board will meet for yearly training by the Alabama Association of School Boards on April 30.

Cleburne County Schools will not be in session this Monday because of a teacher flex day. A flex day is a day teachers can take off up to five times during the school year, if they have earned those days off by  previously participating in workshops and conferences.

Young said the graduation ceremonies for Ranburne High School will be on May 15 at 7 p.m. at the school.

Cleburne County will hold its graduation ceremonies on May 14 at 7 p.m. at the school.

The next regular board meeting will be on May 7 at the Cleburne County Middle School at 4 p.m.