VBS is running strong! Jungle Safari is in full swing from Monday until Friday night 6-8pm. Parent night will be Sunday at 5pm. Decorating was a blast and the church transformed to serve God’s glory in reaching kids.

Bro. George opened to Prov. 22:28, “Landmarks the World is Trying to Remove”. Let’s look at seven things that the world is removing. First is Salvation. God gave his one son who through him we shall be saved. One sac rifice with only one solution, not others ways to heaven. The second is Scripture. It came from heaven- period –and has nothing to do with politically correctness. The third is Separation. We need to draw closer to God and focus on what is right not what the world says is ok. Focus on Christ.

The fourth is Service. Too many think they don’t have to do it. They feel they are exempt from helping or teaching. Service is a duty and a delight. The fifth is Sacrifice. Some many give service but fail to sacrifice their time, talents, or treasure. Rather say Sunday is my day to golf, or go to the river, or to be with family. Is your time more valuable than God?? The sixth is Soundness of the Doctrine. We have developed deafness to the Word. Many want to change it so we hear it like it’s the Easter bunny or Santa Claus. It is REAL! The last is the landmark of Soul winning. We have to be the example of Christ and go out and win souls.

Where do you find your place? Has the world told you what to do or have you gone to your Bible?