We at Mount Olive are blessed to have Brother Ronnie and Sister June Williams as our pastor and his wife. They work extremely hard out of their love for God, His church and us as the flock.

Brother Jarvis opened our services today. He spoke of the work “Rock”, and the number of times it’s mentioned in the Bible. In Psalms 18:2 it tells us the Lord is our Rock, He will lead and guide us; there is nothing too big or too small to ask God for help with.

Our Sunday School lesson today was from Exodus 20:1-17, 24:3-8, “God’s Great Commandments”. The Ten Commandments need to be posted somewhere so we’re reminded of them everyday! The Bible is God’s instructions for us of how to live, no matter how many times we read it we’ll always get something new from it!

Brother Ronnie’s message this morning was from Ro mans 8:12-17 on “Adoption”. By the blood of Jesus we are heirs of God, we can walk into heaven as a son or daughter!

Tonight we were glad to have Brother W.H. Ford with us. He brought our message from Psalms 119:133, 37:23, when we let God order our steps He gives us the power to face every situation.

Everyone is welcome to join us for Homecoming July 20 at 10 a.m.

Brother Ronnie’s number is 256-201-9444. He will gladly pray with you.