June 11 will be Senior Celebration with worship, son, lunch and fellowship filled with fun. Begins at 10 :30 come and enjoy yourself. 

June 22 will be the Men’s Breakfast and Wise Chapel will host. Start time is 7 a.m. 

Many remain in need of prayer: Lula Mae Camp, Ken Sanders, Grayson Smith, Hunter Rowland, J.W Daniel, Ozell Benefield, Clarnce Noles, Mary Truett, Nancy Polland, Elizabeth White, Chuck Adams, family of Clarence Thompson, the family of Sara Eason, our troops, our nation, national leaders. May God be the answer you need soon. 

We are looking for people to look up to and hold on a high esteem. A forth grade class was asked what persona did they look up to. Some said President Obama, some athletes, some their moms and little Donny said Jesus. 

The teacher said she neded someone living and Donny said He is alive, He’s living in me. 

Even though Jesus died, and was resurrected if we carry Him in our hearts He is alive and so are week. Live for Jesus He is our foundation God bless you all, this week and always.