Another great day! Our youth had a great week at camp- Dollywood, Gatlinburg! I will report the good news next week. There will be a wedding reception on June20th for Clint and Ashley Cochran at the Bell House- everyone is invited. Our church will have a team in Nicaragua over Father’s Day weekend so be sure to pray for their safety and that the Lord will use them in a mighty way.

Bro. George opened to 1 Corn.2:14-16, 3:1-3, “It’s Time to Grow Up!” Paul was telling them to look at their situation. They needed to grow up and take the meat of the Word! There are many situations that affect our growth and make it impossible to grow. The first is that on milk only growth is hindered and there is not appropriation of the Holy Spirit in their life.

When growth is impaired, you remain a carnal- that is he is a Christian but lives life as the world. The world prevents you from digesting the word. Without the meat, you never grow through the Word. Some say I was baptized; I have my fire insurance, but chose not to grow. Milk will malnourish you. You will be defeated by satan easily. Weak as a baby.

We need three steps- start by being feed the word. Then we begin feeding ourselves. Lastly, we feed others. Not taking the meat of the word leaves you as a divisive man, dependent on others. When growth is empowered, you live by the Spirit, for the Spirit, learn from the Spirit, and are liberated by the Spirit. Are you free? Do you eat the meat or suck on milk? It’s time to be strong for God!