This coming Sunday afternoon at 3pm we will meet at Lee Farm on Choccollocco Rd for fun and food at 5pm. Come on out! Also, the new member’s class will begin at 10am each Sunday of June to learn more about us and getting connected. Last week we had two families of four join, today we had two baptisms, and one came on profession of God at close of service! Praise the Lord!

Bro. George opened to Deut. 8: 1-6, “Our Time to Remember”. We should never forget our God. In good times we are all happy but in the bad times we forget all the little things. The ways of God are that he will humble us when we think everything is going our way. He hungers us to know there is more to life. The works of God were done to show us that everything comes from Him. We have short memories and can’t remember the times we needed Him! He wants us to grow spiritually.

The wonders of God can only be understood by His deliverance and His determination, the words of God we live as if some are not important to us. He gives us His enlightenment and His word gives us his encouragement.

The warnings of God are we should keep his commandments. Must do so as to love, multiply, and possess the land. He has a method. He controls everything around us. We must teach them to fear God. Also, his chastisement when we do wrong.

God will and can spank us! If he doesn’t, you may not be a true child of God. What is your relationship with Christ!