The Coefield reunion was held at the home of Larry, Susan, Hayleigh and Hannah Braden.

Members of the famly come from far and near. Los Lu nas N.M. to Tansania Africa. Love is the them in the fam ily and everyone was excited about being together again. After Joe Braden said “hey its time to eat” Larry Braden asked everyone to come around and to say the blessing. Everyone was ready for a feast. We were well fed and ready to have fun and fellowship.

Those attending were: Josiah and Alicia from Villa Rica, Ga., Patrick and Lauran from Griffin, Ga., Billy Ed and Noline Coefield, Katie C. Flannagan from Griffin, Ga., Nancy H. Meeks from Lithonim, Ga., Judy Cleghorn, Terry, Kathryn Lay from Guntersville, Shyler Allen from Langston, Lee Roy Jones from Oxford, JOe and Jean Bra den, Chris, Lynn, Andy, Jake and Alex Hammond from Oxford, Bennie and Celese Hammond of Vestavia, Mike Bowen of Chamblee, Ga., Theresa Bowen of Lawrencev ille, Ga., David Braden, Sandy, Kendall, Kimbrie, Tim and Susan Coefield of Brookhaven, Ga., Patrick, Laurey Flanngan of Griffin, Ga., B.F. and Jane Coefield, Daniel and Whitney Black of Anniston, Casey and Emograyce Wynn, Darren and Jennifer Finch and Josie of Wedowee, Connie Crawford, Abigail and Madilynn Crawford, Riley Nelson, Linda Kent Migrinsom of Talladega, Dale Kent Martin of Talladega, Jerry Roach, Cathy Cochran of Tal ladega, Patrice and Byron Williams, Camryn, Brandon of Albertville, Eddie and Phyllis Wynn, Billy and Dana Wynn, Jason and Nikki Wynn, Sammy and Shirley Wynn of Bowdon, Ga., Jeremy and Annette Fiedler, Los Lunas NM., Michael Ray, Jeremy Pearson of Sandrock, Delanie Turley of Sandrock. Hope everyone had a good time and mark your calendar for the third Saturday in June of 2015.