Forgiveness-how hard is it for you to forgive? We are all bad people no matter what sin you have committed. We as Christians have been adopted in the family of God. No matter where we come from or where we have been, God chose us. He cleanses us of our nastiness’s. He says come as you are. He sets us apart. When we turn away, God forgives us. God is full of love,grace and FORGIVENESS. Are you that way to your fellow man?

We are in a lukewarm state of mind. How long has it been since your church has been on fire for God and been consistent? We listen to man more than we do God. We are suppose to be part of the church of the living God. I think we are missing the mark and taking God and church for granted. We need to remember how and when we failed God, repent and return to God.

May God bless all of you.